What is Three Way Call?

With Three Way Call, you can speak to two other people at once. Like a mini conference call, it’s great when you need to make arrangements.

  1. Establish a call with Person 1. You may phone them or they may phone you.
  2. Press Flash/Recall to place Person 1 on hold.
  3. When you hear the dial tone, dial Person 2’s number.
  4. When you hear their number ringing, press Recall and talk to Person 1.You will both be able to hear Person 2’s number ringing.

OR If you would like to talk to Person 2 privately first, wait for them to answer, then speak before pressing Recall to begin your three-way conversation.

By default this feature is disabled on your service, please contact support on 1300 655 982 if you need this activated.

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