The ADSL light on my modem is off, what does this mean?

This indicates that the modem is not receiving any ADSL signal from the exchange, which indicates a potential physical issue, either internally or externally.

We recommend that you ensure everything is checked internally first, before reporting a fault with our support team and organising a technician if required.

Items that can be checked on your end include:

  • Make sure the phone cable is connected to the DSL socket on the modem, and also to the ADSL socket of the filter
  • Please check if your phone has a dial tone
  • Please check if there are any unfiltered devices attached to any wall sockets such as a phone, fax machine, Foxtel, alarm system, etc.
  • If all connected devices are filtered, then please perform an isolation test by disconnecting all devices except for your ADSL Modem

If the modem is still unable to receiving an ADSL signal, then please contact support to report a fault.

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