What is Call Waiting and how do I enable Call Waiting?

Call Waiting lets you know if someone is calling whilst you are already using the phone.

This allows you to place your first call on hold, take the second call, and switch back again as necessary.

  1. If you are on the phone and hear ‘Call Waiting’ beeps, press Flash/Recall to put Caller 1 on hold and talk to Caller 2. Caller 1 won’t be able to hear your conversation.
  2. To put Caller 2 on hold and return to Caller 1, press Flash/Recall. Continue pressing Flash/Recall to alternate between the two calls.

By default Call Waiting should be enabled on your service. If for some reason call waiting is not enabled, please contact support on 1300 655 982 so we can check the status and enable if required.

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